A Celebration of 50 Years Underwater

A Celebration of 50 Years Underwater

Eggs with Caviar

The 50th wedding anniversary for a marine biologist couple was a small, intimate event on the flight deck of the Intrepid. The décor and atmosphere of the event were simple, but their menu is one I’ll never forget.

As marine biologists, this couple had spent years researching and studying oysters together, even discovering a new variety! Their passion for their work and for each other came through so strongly, I knew immediately—this anniversary event had to capture both. Somehow though, I didn’t expect it to rest almost solely on their menu.

In our planning meetings months prior to the event, the couple had shown some concern about our ability to cater to their unusual palate. I asked them to explain since this was their event, it was also their menu choices.

“We like our food raw, almost still moving on the plate.”

Ah, ok. Kind of unusual, but nothing my team or I couldn’t handle. But there are plenty of fish in the sea, so chicken was definitely not going to work with this menu. What would work then?

Almost any raw seafood or meat had to be included: caviar, sushi, and of course, oysters. We ended up creating some amazing dishes for them; including one of my favorite items so far, quail eggs topped with caviar!

It takes a lot for my customers to catch me off guard with their requests. When it happens—very rarely I might add—my brain kicks into high gear. If it can be done, I’ll find a way to do it!   After all, with 50 years together this couple deserved to be a little shellfish!