Services Within Each Event Package May Include

Create a visual canvas that maps out the stakeholders (internal and external) and empathy map each stakeholder. Once complete, you will understand how the goals of each stakeholder aligns to the goals of the event and begin to prototype the event. A visual event story will be created to be used  as a way to engage others and capture the work that has been completed.

Collaboration meetings to outline your vision and objectives, ensuring alignment with your corporate ethos and goals.

TEN will curate the ideal setting for your event, ensuring seamless audio-visual integration to captivate and engage your audience effectively.

Elevate your corporate gathering with meticulously curated catering.

Transform your chosen venue into a sophisticated and welcoming space that reflects your corporate identity.


Streamline the attendee experience with our efficient guest registration and management services, ensuring a smooth check-in process for every participant.


Comprehensive analysis and feedback to optimize future events, ensuring continual improvement and success.

Planning an Event?

Let us embark on this creative journey together, crafting an event story that leaves a trail of cherished memories and captivates your guests.

“Thank you for such an innovative way to not only excite our customers but our teams. On behalf of the customer care team, I want to applaud the resourcefulness for getting the message out to all of us in such a great way. Thank you for all the hard work and example of how to embrace our customers”.

Patrick Brochu, Media Stage

"Staceyann is not only fun to work with, she is also one of the most organized meeting professionals I have ever had the pleaseure of working with. As a supplier partner, I knew exactly what was needed for her events, thanks to her meticulous pre-planning. In all of my years and hundreds of events, I have never had such a clear understanding of the goald, objectives and needs for a meeting."

"We so appreciate your partnership and the amazing job you have done in leading this entire team to meet all of these 'crunch time' deadlines."

John Larson, Director of Business Development, GMR Marketing

"I had the pleaseure of working with Staceyann on multiple levels of marketing/tradeshow events as my client. She is by far the most qualified person I have worked with inthe events and tradeshow space. Her energy and creatyivityy are her best assets and I have no doubt that she will make your event a complete success."